Art Wall

My boys have been begging me to “glue” their drawings to the wall. I remember being their age and using tape and sticky tacky with disastrous effects on the paint. I told them, instead, that I would make them each their own “art wall” in exchange for a promise never to draw, color, tape, or otherwise mar my brilliant chocolate shake colored wall.

At the time, I was 8 months pregnant with monkey girl (and clearly insane). I had “scrap” wood leftover from their bunk beds (which have since been separated due to their large upper room having such a low ceiling). To each of these “scraps” I stapled 5 pieces of twine, two of them were  3 feet long, and three of them were two feet long. I created loops every 8 inches, to which I attached paperclips. They can simply use the paperclip to attach and change their wall without any damage to the actual wall.

The wood itself has picture hangers attached to it, complements of amazon. I did install wall brackets, but if thats the most damage that wall gets in the next ten years, it will be well worth it. These little boys are destructive! But I love them. And they probably aren’t as destructive as I am, truth be told. After all, not unlike Buddy from the movie “Elf,” I technically created this art wall using leftover bits of furniture . . . My husband assures me that I am, in fact, a crazy woman. I tell him its just the creative process at work, and he needs to appreciate how unique I am!


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