Freshen Up Your Home With A New Coat of Paint!

I don’t hate my house, I just hate a few specific things about my house. Like the color.


Do you see what I mean? Not such a bad house, but those colors? Together? Really?? Ug. No wonder we got it for such a good price . . .

Last year we purchased some exterior paint from Sherwin Williams, but never had a chance to start painting the house. We had no intention on living in the house for over a year with this horrid color up.

But life happens, and since I was pregnant and literally couldn’t do anything by the time the weather was appropriate for painting, my husband started in June.

He has the front mostly finished, parts of the sides, and parts of the back. But doesn’t it look a hundred times better?


Its amazing how a little paint can totally transform a house from an ugly fixer upper, to a place I’m beginning to feel proud of calling home.

Next up are new doors in the spring, shutters (all a dark navy color), and flower boxes. wouldn’t spring flowers in every window be a lovely touch?

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