Lazy Friday’s Tip of the Week: Nailpolish in the Shower

One of my favorite all time tricks for retaining the perfect shower temperature, introduced by my Godmother years ago: Nailpolish.

During a bath or shower, I use an eyeliner pencil to mark the trim piece attached to the wall, and then I make another mark next to that on the shower handle. When you are done showering and the water has dried, apply a dot (or in this case, a line) to both of those marks and voila! The perfect, fuss-free temperature, every time.

The only drawback was actually purchasing nail polish, since I didn’t actually own any. I justified the purchase with the subsequent reward-I no longer had to help my six year old find the right temperature, which means he can now shower completely independent of me, freeing my hands for baby monkey and dragon boy, both of whom still need a lot of my time.

I wonder if I can re-gift the nail polish. Or is that tacky?

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