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Painting the Corner Bedroom

IMG_1433After I finished painting the guest room, I decided to paint the corner room, which was being used by the boys. It, too, championed the ever prevalent yellow ochre that plagued the rest of the house. Tiger boy still wanted yellow, just not that yellow.

Since my husband was still out of town, I temporarily moved the boys into the Master bedroom, where we all had a sleepover (which meant that I was painting in their room while they were sleeping in mine).

IMG_1545What a difference, right?! This room already had chair rail running all the way around, so I only painted the upper half yellow. The lower half was painted to match the trim color I was going to paint throughout the house (Valspar’s “statuesque”). Interestingly, the buttery yellow in this room is actually a slightly peach color called “Sunset Nude.” Where do they get these names?

IMG_1543I love that it added instant brightness and warmth to this space. There is really no comparison to how it looked before. It is such an improvement! And now that the boys are in the larger, fourth room, Im outfitting this room for the new  baby. I haven’t finished decorating it yet, but I think I will keep the brown and green theme regardless of the gender. I consider mint to be gender neutral for those who think color should be gender assigned. Also, I don’t want to blow my budget on new baby things, especially baby decor. They do grow out of that stage rather quickly, and a whole design makeover can be pricy. I’d rather save my money on a design he or she can grow into.


Future needs for this room: We have already added the fan/light, but we need to paint the brass trim around the recessed lighting, redo the floors, and replace the door to the room, and add bifold closet doors to replace the sliding closet doors.

Painting the Guest Bedroom

While my husband was off to a wedding in California, I stayed home and took the opportunity to paint the guest room.


In spite of the lovely diaper inspiring color choice that was already there, I really wanted a light gray color on the walls, one which would complement a chevron gray and yellow rug with matching curtains.

Instead of buying samples, I made another impulse buy-Valspar’s “Comet Dust” wasn’t quite the gray I was hoping for. That’s what happens when you are in a hurry-things don’t quite work out as planned. But thats because planning got thrown out of the process . . .


Instead of a nice medium gray, I now had more of a baby blue. So much for gray and yellow. Maybe thats a good thing? I think it still qualifies as a neutral. At any rate, it’s still a huge improvement upon its predecessor.

Even though I was doing this at night while the kids slept, I managed to make enough noise to wake up Tiger boy (probably whilst swearing at myself for buying baby blue). Unbeknownst to me he walked in and promptly got paint in his hair before asking me why I wasn’t in bed.


I found it the next morning after his shower. Talk about difficult to remove!! Ice didn’t work, shampoo didn’t work . . . Occasionally I would hold him steady and work on pulling it out by hand, but he protested enough that I finally let it alone, and a few weeks later it was gone.
Since the gray was the wrong color, I ordered a pair of plain, white curtains from Amazon. The grommets are a sort of antiqued gold color instead of the chrome or silver I was going for, but you can hardly tell.

IMG_2398Instead of yellow and gray, I am beginning to think that the slight blue/gray color would look better with coral and gold, or maybe coral and antique gold? I’ll figure it out.

Doesn’t it look nice?

Future needs for this room: Replace the closet doors with bifold, replace the bedroom door, redo the hardwood floors, whitewash the bed, and find a cheap pair of side tables and matching lamps. I will try to use some of the decor I currently have to decorate the walls.