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New iPad 2 Cover

IMG_1191I had to take my kids with me when I voted in April, you know, my civic duty in the primaries and what not. I couldn’t find anyone to watch my kiddos between appointments, so I had no choice but to bring them along with me-along with their IPADS.

I am not a fan of the iPad as a pacifier, but there are situations which necessitate bringing something other than their boredom bags, and voting is one of them (others include waiting at the DMV, standing in a return line, and going to my OBGYN. I really don’t want my boys watching my pap smear).

IMG_2286My husband, bless his heart, thought that all the iPads needed for protection was a thin leather case with a flip cover, “so they don’t wear out the battery,” because the cover triggers the iPad into sleep mode when the kids forget to hit the power button… My husband is an optimist.

Even after replacing the glass screen twice to the tune of $100 apiece, he still didn’t want anything more childproof. His rationale? “They’re too big.  They’re awkward. They’re ugly.” I’m thinking, “Ugly? Who are we trying to impress?” But I don’t really want to argue about it anymore, so I let it go.

IMG_2285Skipping forward to the primaries… my dear little dragon boy, in his attempt to seat himself on an outside bench near the door within sight of his mama, proceeded to drop-and significantly crack, his iPad. Dragon boy cried. Tiger boy was unsympathetic. The guy in front of me gasped. The guy behind me gasped. My response? I have to confess, a part of me was happy. I thought this was the end of the iPad, which was such a relief! In my “matter of fact” tone, I informed him “Oh, sweetie, I guess you just can’t use it anymore!”

Ok, so the iPad didn’t actually die-sadly, everything still worked, even with the cracked screen-but I was putting my foot down on my husband’s insistence that we use covers with “a sophisticated appearance.” We were NOT paying another $100 just to keep up the appearance of an iPad. My husband sounded like the Asian male version of Mrs Bucket from BBC’s “Keeping up Appearances,” and I was through wasting money. Sooooo I took the advice of the guy in line in front of me-as soon as I got home I looked up impact resistant iPad covers.

And as soon as my husband got home, I showed him the iPad, some impact resistant covers available on Amazon for under $10 (with really good reviews, I might add), and he finally gave me a reluctant go ahead. We just don’t have the money to spare right now for a new IPAD screen. But we can totally spare $14 for 2 covers (the red ones were the cheapest ones running just under $7-other colors started at $13, $16, etc). And I love that Prime 2-day shipping!

Here’s what showed up (I put the iPad in ASAP before taking a picture-the natives were getting restless):


As you can see, there is a slit in the back that can be pulled over to one side, allowing you to slide the IPAD into the case. It’s a bit like putting a tight pillow into a slim pillowcase, and took some convincing to get the IPAD to fit (I don’t think I can take the injured IPAD out again without causing the damaged glass screen to crumble). But its snug fit ensures it won’t jostle when it is dropped, thus preventing further injury.

IMG_2278The handle (which serves as a stand) is my favorite part. Dragon boy’s biggest dropping risk has been his ascent to a favorable position on the couch while trying to hold onto the IPAD. He is still too short to successfully pull himself onto any elevated surface and still maintain a good grip on the IPAD. But with the handle, he has a much better grip, and has also figured out he has enough strength to swing the IPAD up before he himself gets up (sometimes they just have to come up with the idea on their own).

This iPad cover is made by TRAVELLOR. I know next to nothing about them. Oddly enough, the product description claims this product is both made of silicone and waterproof. What I received was clearly made of foam (I expect the port cover to come off after time, but it isn’t crucial to product performance, so I don’t really care), and since it is just a cover with no screen protection, I truly doubt it’s waterproof.

But I didn’t buy it because it claimed to be waterproof. I bought it because it is very clearly impact resistant (yes, I threw the iPad onto our hardwood floors after installing the cover), it was under $10, and it has a handle (super bonus!).

I really think this cover will do it! Others were in the range of $30-$80. Yikes! No, the cheaper foam version is fine. Even if it isn’t waterproof. And by the time the foam wears down, these kids should be responsible enough to return to the “sophisticated” version. Which will make Mrs Bucket my husband very happy. He’s not so hot for red.