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Craigslist Jungle Gym

There are no parks near our home. We are in Kansas City, and there are no parks. How can there be no parks?! Our Lenexa home had a park down the street, three minutes walking distance. But not here.

I told my husband we needed a playset. He said “Not right now, they are too expensive”. We discussed purchasing a trampoline and decided that it was too dangerous (not to mention it would increase our home insurance).

IMG_0780Then I found a Kids Jungle Gym at an estate sale advertised on Craigslist. It was $30. My husband said it was worth a look, since we had nothing else to do that morning. These are $190 brand new. As long as it was still solid, it didn’t matter if it still looked nice.

So we went, decided to get it (although it had a few rusty areas where the metal made contact with the ground), and brought it back. It took my husband an hour to take it apart in large enough pieces to fit in his highlander. And while he was taking it apart, I scored a few items inside the house . . . a stuffed tiger for Tiger boy, a Rubix cube for Dragon boy (he liked the different colors), a plastic Learning Resources Cash register, and a few baskets.


Once we got back to the house, I helped the hubby put it together, and move it from our concrete patio to a grassy area.

The kids love it. The previous owner had attached a wooden swing to the center, so there is an additional “accessory” that a new one wouldn’t have come with.

And as far as the rust is concerned, for $30, its worth it. I can justify that cost when you consider the fact that my children will probably not be as interested in this ten years from now. The previous owner purchased it for her son, who was now 12 years old, and he hadn’t played on it “for years”. Yeah, totally worth it for $30. I don’t think I could justify $190. But $30 for 5 years of play is definitely a good buy!