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Hillcrest Thrift Store

A friend of mine recently told me about a “new” thrift store she has been frequenting, called “Hillcrest Thrift Store” in Lee’s Summit, where she was able to purchase several education books for $0.25 apiece. I thought I knew about all the thrift stores in Lee’s summit, so I was happily surprised to find another quality thrift store mere minutes away from my current favorite, “Red Racks.”


First of all, I have to say that they do feature very good prices for kids clothing, and in amazing condition. With the exception of one pair of pants, all the items I purchased were $1 (the pants were $2), and I purposely chose items that were “half off (the blue tags)”, so 10 of the 11 clothing items I purchased were just $0.50 apiece (the pants, of course costing me $1).

But their selection is limited to about 5 short aisles, and I couldn’t find coats, jackets, or pajamas anywhere (the main items I was looking for). I do realize that most thrift stores don’t bring out the coats or jackets until fall (with the exception of the Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores, which keep them on the racks year round), but I was hoping they would have at least a few pajamas. Sadly, they did not.

I also wasn’t thrilled that the store was on two levels, with a set of steps separating them. This means that, if you have a cart, you have to walk the length of the store, through the furniture section, to find the one ramp that leads to the lower level.

There was a nice sized section for household goods, and even a wall of board games, but I did not see any books there, something else I had gone in for. My best guess is that I missed them somewhere in between the irritated sounds of a three year old, and the incessance of a five year old pleading with me to “be done already.”

The most expensive items I purchased were the 5 pairs of shoes. They were green tag items, so their $2 price tag was final. But am I really going to complain about $2 for shoes that are in practically new condition? No Sir, not me! Unfortunately they did bump up my total cost from $6 to $16. But, again, I’m not complaining. I’d be struggling to find just one pair at Famous Footwear for less than that price, and these were good shoes (ASICS for kids, anyone?).


And there was one unexpected perk. Apparently, they have a “free toy” bin. Every child who wants one may have “just one” free toy. Dragon boy made his selection, but Tiger boy didn’t like what was available, so he went home empty handed.

But he was the only one. Dragon boy, “new” toy in hand, joined me and my 16 items in a happy dance of satisfaction. And I like knowing that the money I spent goes toward impoverished children and their families. Just another perk in buying thrift-you get to save money and donate toward a cause all in one transaction!



More Savings From Red Racks


Red Racks $0.50 cent sunday is still in session-sort of. They’ve changed their “format” somewhat-now the special tag that is on sale is in one easy to locate area in the women’s clothing section, spanning 2 aisles on either side. They are calling it the “Last Chance” section.

Also, they aren’t really featuring a specific color tag anymore. What they have done, instead, is to move everything on sale to this “Last chance” aisle, and mark those items down for $1 for the week, and then $0.50 on sundays. But they still have the “half off” and “25% off” tags available, so if you find those for $1 or less than you can still benefit from a good deal.

I don’t really like the change, but I did get there early enough to take advantage of it, and I was relieved that I didn’t have to walk through aisles and aisles of clothing in my third trimester.

Although I did feel sorry for the stragglers-by 11am all the good stuff was taken. Sorry folks! You’re gonna have to have to arrive early and skip out on church to benefit from this one!
IMG_2982The Yellow tags were “half off,” so I intentionally targeted the $0.98 yellow tags and still found myself with a bargain.


With 19 items at $0.49, and 6 items in the last chance aisle for $0.50, I found myself leaving with 25 articles of very nice clothing for a under $13. And I even managed to score a few girly items that weren’t pink! Yay for Gray!


Since I now have a nearly complete 18-2T wardrobe (with the exception of pajamas, jackets, and coats), I should probably really stop. I just don’t want to go shopping for any clothes at all until monkey baby is walking on her own, and can obey commands. I am loathe to take three children out, shopping for clothes, with a baby in tow.

So . . . somewhere between 2-3 years old I will need to go out again. But that is my excuse for justifying the additional purchases for boys clothing-I have nearly everything I need in that department as well, for the next 2-3 years (except for pajamas).

And yes, I also started a “Future’s Bin” for monkey baby, with a clothing sizes up to size 8 (Tiger boy found a $0.50 cent jacket in the 7/8 size and really wanted the baby to have it). But since I don’t need to fill all those bins right now (especially with the child in question still in utero), I really, really should stop!

I think I’m addicted.

But in the back of my mind I have this nagging voice telling me that I need pajamas, jackets, and coats. Ugh, pregnancy really makes one nuts!