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Can you Identify this plant?

Flowers like dandelions, thorny leaves, and most of them are anywhere from 6 inches to 2 feet. I have a handful, and they weren’t there last year.


I had two packages of wildflower mix from walmart, and I’m wondering if there is a chance these were mixed in with those? Personally, I think its a weed, maybe a thistle, but the leaves aren’t quite right, and the short spines are only at the edge of the leaves. I have a few of them I need to pull. But I am so close to my due date, and squatting down is impossible. That, and the Liatris is the only thing in bloom right now, so it makes for a nice contrast, up close, the purple liatris and the yellow  . . . . whatever this is.

I guess I’ll have to kill these next year. The boys have been pulling the volunteer maple trees (those are easy), but they aren’t about to touch this thorny monster. Not that I blame them. I suppose I have to ask myself (if it is, in fact, a weed), how much I really like it? The answer is, I just don’t.