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Saving Money on Maternity Clothes

I went to Red Racks on Sunday (in Lee’s Summit, MO), and made the most out of my purchase by sticking to their 50 cent sunday sticker promotion. This week it included orange tags, and, as you can see, I actually stuck to my guns!


What I really needed was maternity clothing, but their selection was pretty scant to begin with, and nothing had orange tags. When this happens, I start looking throughout all the racks in the women’s clothing section. First, because I usually find a few Maternity items mistakenly mixed in with the L, XL, and XXL sizes. And second, because I then have the opportunity to evaluate regular clothing for maternity repurposing.

I have a few rules for what to look for when it comes to making maternity clothes out of non-maternity clothing. Rule #1: a flowy, open junior dress makes the perfect third trimester top, not unlike the one below. I prefer to choose ones with an empire waist so I can emphasize my bump and feel a little less like an elephant.


But as you can see, this is not an orange sticker. It’s Red (their summer promotion color, which won’t go on sale until the fall). So the $9.48 on the tag is exactly what you will pay, and I feel it’s too much. Too bad, though. In addition to the empire waist, the rest of the decidedly short dress has just enough material to cover a large bump like mine up until my delivery.

Rule#2: Smocked elastic tube tops, tube dresses, and elastic skirts also second as maternity tops, and maternity skirts. Smocked outfits like this are very figure forgiving, and will “grow” with you. I would have purchased this one if it had not been for the red tag. Priced at $4.48, it was still more than I wanted to pay for something I will never wear again (this green is just not my color).


Rule #3: Side Rouching in XL. This shirt I did buy. It may be large, but that rouching allows for the top to grow with around the waist, and still cover the bump in style. I think I will be able to wear it for about two months before it’s too small, and without looking like I had reached a point of desperation that wearing other XL non-maternity shirts will definitely emphasize.


Rule #4: when in doubt, pair a large crop top with a stretchy spaghetti strap tank top. I have several tanks already, and I’ve tried wearing them, but I feel very unsexy overly exposed. This crop top is the perfect solution-even if it does make me look like something from a jazzercise video.


And, finally, Rule #5: Stretchy dresses. They didn’t have any good examples of this at the thrift store, but I do have one in my closet that I was, quite frankly, too lazy to pull out. Again, choose one that sports an empire waist and you won’t have any problem with random strangers questioning whether you are pregnant, or if you’ve just put on a lot of extra weight.

I decided to purchased the tops in the last two pictures, since they only cost me $1.00 altogether, and they have excellent postpartum applications.  Both can easily second as breastfeeding tops.  I love the idea of a wearable nursing cover, but all the ones I have are extremely tacky, IMO. This one, I feel, is still stylish enough to wear outside my house without screaming “Yes, I AM a breastfeeding mom!”

So how do you shop for maternity clothes? Do you buy brand new, when you need it? Do you plan ahead and purchase clearance items? How do you maximize your maternity wardrobe without breaking the budget? I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Fifty Cent Sunday!

I went to Red Racks Thrift Store for Mother’s Day, taking dragon boy with me while Tiger boy went grocery shopping with the hubby. Red Racks has a “50 cent sunday” event, in which they take one sticker color and sell everything with that color for 50 cents. They also choose two other colors, one for 50% off, and the other for 25% off. It’s a great way to get rid of excess merchandise so they can provide new stock every week.


This weeks sticker color was Orange. The white stickers were 50% off, and the blue ones were 25% off. In light of my promise to get the best deal, I only looked at the orange sticker items, with the exception of a pair of size 3 baby sneakers, which were marked with a white sticker (and, therefore, half off).

My first goal was to find some size 6 jeans for Tiger boy. I have 7 other pairs of pants, most of which were twill or khaki. I estimate I need at least three pairs of actual jeans to make it through the winter.

I also wanted to get started on the pajama collection-I have enough for tiger boy to finish out this year (if he doesn’t have a massive growth spurt), but I have virtually nothing for next year. I was able to find one pair of pajama shorts and one pair of pajama pants. Its a start!


My third goal was to purchase another pair of size 4t pants for Dragon boy-Tiger boy wore his for two years in a row, so most of my hand-me-down pants in that size are severely worn out, sporting a trendy hole in the knee. I am trying to slowly replenish that supply, and 50 cent sunday is the perfect way of doing so on a tight budget.


The only size 4t jeans that I could find turned out to be girls jeans. No biggie, I can remove those stitched in hearts easily enough, and cover any remnants with a low-key iron on decal of some kind.  I still have iron-on transfer paper and a lot of material. Maybe a nice pair of dinosaurs, or maybe a snake? I may let him dictate what he wants. I haven’t decided yet. We do have a ways to go before he will transition from 3t to 4t.

I seem to be on a role with the wrong kind of pants, because the size 6 pants I found were also girls jeans-they have a flare at the bottom that i missed out on until my husband pointed them out. However, I don’t consider them to have been a total loss-we are having a girl, and there is never a bad time to start preparing a “futures” bin for her, as well.

So now that I had found two pairs of jeans, it was time to see what was available in the newborn baby girl section. I found three pairs of pants (3-6 months), a brand new Babies R Us shirt with the tag still attached, and a pair of white, size 3 sneakers.


You can’t really see them very well, but have you noticed the glaring lack of pink and purple? Yup, that was my intention! I think pale yellow, pale lavender, and rich navy tones are classier, more elegant colors for a baby girl than the extremely overdone pinks and purples. And since I’ve been given a lot of “girly” stuff, I wanted something a lot less frilly for Baby Monkey.

So now I was up to 9 items, or $6.24. I wanted to see if I could find any maternity clothes without breaking my $10 budget. But there weren’t any orange stickers in maternity, so I decided to look elsewhere.


I found an XL top with Rouching on the sides, and a crop top I can wear over a few spagehetti strap tank tops. Although the crop top does make me look like something from a jazzercise video, it is actually quite comfortable!


So what did I save by exclusively buying 50 cent merchandise? My total for 11 items was a whopping $7.24, all items costing me only 50 cents, with the exception of the shoes (a white tag item), which cost me $2.24.


The total original sticker price was $34.96. I saved $27.72 by choosing to purchase only those items marked down to $0.50 during their 50 cent sunday promotion. And even though the place wasn’t all that crowded, it still took me two hours to go through everything (mainly because some of the maternity clothes are mixed in with regular clothes, and I don’t want to miss a good deal because I wasn’t in the right place).

Overall, I think my trip today was a success! This is definitely my new obsession. Most of the items I really want have a tan sticker. I wonder when that one will join the ranks of 50 cent sunday?

How about you? Any luck at the thrift store lately? What about department stores? Or do you have additional tips or suggestions on purchasing quality clothes fore mere pennies? I would love to hear from you!