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About Me

My name is Sarah. I love sewing, crafting, gardening, DIY, and enjoying life away from the corporate world. Most of all, I love being a stay-at-home mom.


Not too long ago, I worked in an office environment. My husband, a nurse, was working the floor in a local hospital, and together we raked in a comfortable income. But neither of us was happy, and our hectic schedules with daycare and household duties were putting a lot of strain on our children and our marriage. So we decided to make a change-I quit my job.

Since we could no longer afford our home on just one income, we sold it in exchange for a fixer-upper. We are now paying half the mortgage for nearly twice the space. And though our home has quite a few needs, we are hopeful we can address them little by little as time and money allow.


My goal now is to make sure we can successfully maintain our one income household. It’s a struggle, I admit. I am a lousy cook. We still haven’t completely ditched fast food. Neither of us has a lot of practical working knowledge about cars, plumbing, electrical, or managing a household and really holding to a budget.

But we are willing to learn! And the kids are happier having me at home. My husband is happier having me at home. And I am loving it! I may have lost the best insurance and 401k I will likely ever have, but it’s worth it knowing that my children will grow up in a nurturing, stable environment where they will (hopefully) learn all the things that I was never taught-like how to cook.


So that’s my story. I hope our journey can provide you with information, insight, a chuckle or two, and maybe some refreshment as you face the challenges in your own life. And if you have any tips you’d like to share, I am certainly open to listen. After all, you are reading the dialogues of a woman who still makes soggy rice, finds her shoes in the freezer, and is legitimately distracted when anyone mentions the word “chocolate.” I clearly need some help!